Aggressive Salvation

I was at a time in my life when a big decision was before me but I found myself weakened in my mind and feeling somewhat helpless. I met with an apostle who advised and strengthened me greatly to once again be set on the right course. Two days later I had a vision of a weakling veering off a straight path and then suddenly a huge, very muscular, animal-like man shoulder barging him back onto the road- amazing.
Thank God for Wayne Thomas. Proverbs 4:25; Matthew 7:14; Jude 1:23.





Moment by moment;
Increment on increment;
Veering away away
Unknowing but knowing,

Weak, wind swept, affected soul.

The unfortunate: good but weak.
Inherent vulnerability exposed.
Evil’s poison planted to
Pacify and maim.

From nowhere, somewhere;
Heaving, snorting, snarling,
Muscles built into muscle,
Rippling mountains vein and strain,
Labouring, charging, bustling.
Aggression’s person with
Stature and might;
Different and deadly;
Smashing across into the
unwitting, wind blown helpless.


Set once more onto narrow,
Straight glory.

Renewed face.



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