Droplets For Me

God became a man, shed all His blood and died to save us from ourselves and the power of Death and Hell. This is the story of His blood. ‘Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends’ John 15:13.






Before anything was.

Such love.

A beautiful king’s sacrifice for his unworthies. Willingly lies himself on eternal court’s marble allowing the must deed.
Endurance reward: the joy ahead.

Droplets for me.

guided towards the knowing unworthy. Bursting with beauty,
with power,
with glorious majesty,
glorious healing.

Full of glory.

Precious flow given, poured gently. Smashing, liquidating
darkest pain, darkest night,
darks evil schemes
obliterated by smooth, lovely droplet.

Such love.

droplet leaving
atomic impact on the yet inexistent,
already unworthy.

Innocence sliding, gently meandering, slowly.
Droplet of astounding importance. Down, slipping over matted hair obstacles and over cracked knuckle mountains onto smooth, broken nails gathering, gathering…

droplet fall.

Away from master, from lovely, out from broken.
Caught in heavens chief vial ready to be sprinkle-applied, brush stroked over the doorway of my life.

Such love.

Droplets for me.


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