Journal Whispers

Written about the amazing internal life of prayer enjoyed when walking with The Lord Jesus and His complete understanding and desire to help. It also talks about how that tender fellowship can be so damaged by sin. 1 Kings 19:12, Romans 6:23, Hebrews 3:13, Revelation 3:20.



Night writing small as a whisper, quiet as point one.

Torrent emotion bottled like a stoic, ready to be unfurled, let loose, marking forever papers journal.

One cries in unison. One sees. One yearns and communicates in depth whispers. Violently desiring new, earnestly looking for ears pricked, waiting for bulbs. Let rivers be reality, rivets be our forgotten pain blown away and smashed by a whisper.

Senses stifled. The grand opening weekend of ‘idiot’ featuring familiar flickering on your very own man made, bloody canvas screen. Who’s voice? What voice? What whispering journal? Pain with no pain.

As easy as 123 getting to posture floor as hard as point zero. Bend, bend, bend for victory fighting knees and sinewy attitude. Can you hear your whispering journey?! Yes and no.

Flicker of thunder, of whirlwind, of fire? Aha!! Tears of nights inside out from one whisper. The smile dropping joy filled balloons. Open the whisperers journal. Journey into valiant, noble, loveful whispers once again. One way victory, one way road, one Way.


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