Abundant Ravines

A poem about the decision to GO in faith.





Deep. Dark. Awesome. Let’s go! Ordinary days wimps’ delight put aside to be enveloped in black expectancy. Birthed in blackness; unknown’s reward. Excited terrified howls house holes to be broken open like nobody’s business. Full to brimming, full of seeming pause, seeming night, seeming nothing; actually everything. Let’s go!

Hesitation. Bitter faced lies. Missed opportunity biting blackness when day mocks and light is wrong. Go says the right voice, hesitate says the wrong. In an instant warmth, contact, friendship lost, all gone. All. Gone. Blackness swallowed and never smiled back.

Victory’s smooth crackling taste. Abundance out of risk. Abundance out of seeming folly. Abundance out of darkest light. Food, bread bun for the soul comets from Father making the decision dance worthy.

A bun dance.

Rejoicing, dancing, leaping, peeling away the old diving into bright darkest relief. You made it. Feet planted, trust vindicated, hope sky high. Dance dance dance with everything everyone because of a leap. I lept. I died. I rose again. Abundant ravines calling anytime. Always opportune, always go!

Dave Thomas


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